Target Industries

Target Industries

Nevada’s target industries are those that have a foundation of assets in the state and will help the state move closer to its goals of a sustainable, innovative, and connected economy with high paying jobs for all Nevadans. While each target industry builds on the strengths of Nevada’s economy, there are also challenges that the state will need to address to ensure future competitiveness. This section presents the target industries and their sectors (below), their opportunities for growth, and the headwinds they face.

Economic Industries

Information Technology


Transportation & Logistics


Natural Resources & Technologies


Hospitality, Tourism, Sports, & Creative Industries


Advanced Manufacturing


Community & Assessment Industries



20,200 Total Jobs
38% Growth in Cyber Security
59% Growth in Advanced Manufacturing

Growth in employment and employment concentration of higher wage, innovation-based industries grew more quickly over the past decade than traditional state economic drivers, demonstrating the positive structural changes taking place in the economy.