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Nevada’s Engine of Economic Development

Meet a state where the quality of life drives quality companies. A place where opportunity stretches from the skylines of Las Vegas and Reno to the quieter corners of an impressively expansive state. It’s here where all of the pieces of economic success come together — innovative workforce training programs, business-friendly communities, and supportive leaders. It’s a state of opportunity and it’s waiting for you.
Top 10 Business-friendly state
37% Job growth since 2010
#4 In economic vitality
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The highest levels of Nevada government are welcoming great businesses to our state. Hear how some of Nevada’s biggest business champions are making Nevada an even better place to put down roots.


Nevada is perfectly positioned for economic success. With quick access to the largest West Coast markets, and diverse economic opportunities across the state, Nevada is where business happens.

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  • Nevada’s top-notch infrastructure ensures residents enjoy safe and efficient transportation.
  • Nevada’s leading role in renewable energy offers residents cleaner air and energy choices.
  • Nevada’s central location is connected to neighboring states, enhancing economic vitality and cultural exchange.


The Battle Born Growth Microloan Program is connecting hashtag#Nevada small businesses with local community lending organizations to provide loans up to $250k. Learn more today:!

We were honored to host the State Economic Development Executives Network (SEDE) last week in Las Vegas. Economic leaders shared insights on the foundational elements of development, exchanging experiences and offering key advice for the road ahead.


Retaining Nevada’s home-grown engineering talent! Supported by our office, check out University of Nevada-Las Vegas‘s *NEW* Talent Retention Program, StepUp & StartUp, crafted to bolster UNLV’s College of Engineering minority and/or women students’ careers in our local technology industry and startups:

A day marked by profound discussions with visionary leaders, where our Senior Director of Strategic Programs and Innovation, Karsten H., made significant contributions. Truly exciting times ahead for #Nevada!