Doing Business In Nevada

Nevada has always been a popular state for businesses drawing enterprises with its enticing blend of budget-friendly startups, business-friendly regulations, nominal licensing fees, tax advantages, safeguarded business owner privacy, and competitive utility rates.

The Nevada Advantage

  • Ranked 7th in the nation for its exceptional business climate
  • No corporate income tax, personal income tax, franchise tax, inventory tax, inheritance/gift tax, or estate tax
  • Low-cost startup, regulatory, licensing, and annual fees
  • Supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, startups and corporations
  • Right-to-work state with able and willing workforce
  • Proximity to the 5th largest economy in the world (California) with a one-day drive to over 60 million customers and five major U.S. ports
  • Major international airports located in Las Vegas and Reno

Nevada’s Opportunities


Business Incentives

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), extends a range of incentives to support qualifying companies in choosing to conduct business within Nevada.
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Small Business

Our programs bolster new and small business development, crucial for a robust economy with diverse job growth.
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Data & Research

Access useful data and links to learn more about Nevada’s economy and its consumers. Our data portal can equip you with a thorough understanding of key economic indicators, workforce development, and consumer behavior within the state.
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Strategic Programs for Economic Growth

The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) oversees a comprehensive range of programs fostering state economic growth. These initiatives are strategically crafted to provide distinct advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses across the state.

58.5% Job growth in
IT Industries
83,225 Jobs(2022) for Natural Resource Industry
30% Job growth in the Creative Industries
Our Industries

Within Nevada’s diverse geography, the state excels in a distinctive array of advanced industries, characterized by specialized infrastructure and evolving industry knowledge. These industries provide companies and their workforce with extensive opportunities for success.

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