Rural Pitch Day -
Launch Rural Nevada


This annual event is designed for startups and small business owners in rural Nevada and provides opportunities for mentorship, access to capital, and connection with entrepreneurial support organizations in Nevada. This year the event will be held in a hybrid format with local in person viewing sites and online options. The founding partners of Rural Pitch Day – Launch Rural Nevada are StartUpNV, Audacity Institute, Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority, Biz’s Assembly, the Nevada Small Business Development Center, Great Basin College, and University of Nevada at Reno. These partners and all volunteers involved in this event are committed to connecting rural entrepreneurs with business startup resources in Nevada. Together mentors, entrepreneur support organizations, government entities, founders and investors, are creating a statewide ecosystem resulting in successful small business development across Nevada.

NEW in 2021, thanks to a sponsorship from Nevada Gold Mines, Rural Pitch Day – Launch Rural Nevada is open to junior and senior high school students in rural Nevada!

Dr. Vincent Solis, President of Western Nevada College Presentation:

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To prepare participants for this Rural Pitch Day – Launch Rural Nevada, we will deploy series of online training, information sessions, and consultations to prepare you for you Pitch Day on November 5, 2021.


Aug. 31- Educational Recording: Are you Ready to be an Entrepreneur and Validating your Idea
Homework:  Value proposition, Customer Validation Plan and Questionnaire, Collated Results of any Interviews 

Sept. 2- Live Session One: Office Hours (12PM– 2PM)  Value Proposition and Customer Validation 

Sept. 7- Educational Recording: Deconstructing Customer Validation Research
Homework: Create Cost Analysis 

Sept. 14- Educational Recording: Business Model Canvas
Homework: Complete all Sections of Business Model Canvas 

Sept. 23- Live Session Two: Office Hours (12PM– 2PM) Questions about BMC and Customer Validation 

Sept. 28- Educational Recording: Market Research Instruction- Case Study: TAM, SAM, SOM
Homework: Target Market Description, Demographics and Estimated Market Size

Sept. 30- Live Session Three: Office Hours (12PM– 2PM) TAM, SAM, SOM Help 

Oct. 5- Educational Recording: Pitch Deck 101
Homework: Create a Pitch Deck and Script for your Pitch

Oct. 7- Live Session Four: Office Hours (12PM– 2PM)– Pitch Deck Help
Homework: Complete and Submit Pitch Deck 

Oct. 14- Live Session Five: Office Hours (12PM – 2PM)– Pitch Deck Questions and Reviews 

Oct. 22- Deadline for Entry 

Oct. 26- Announcement of Finalists 

Oct. 26-29- Pitch Practice for Finalists 

Nov. 5- Pitch Day! Live and Online

Office Hours Zoom Meeting:
( Meeting ID: 827 4760 0929 )

**Any questions about the content of the education or contest can be directed to:

To learn about Rural Pitch Day – Launch Rural Nevada rules and requirements follow the links below:

Guidelines and Rules

Judges Scoring Parameters

A huge thank you to our sponsors for making Rural Pitch Day – Launch Rural Nevada possible:

NV Energy – Founding Sponsor

Nevada Gold Mines – New 2021 and Founding Sponsor of Junior and Senior High School (8-12 grades) Category

StartupNV – Founding Sponsor

Audacity Institute – Founding Sponsor

NSBDC – Founding Sponsor

NNRDA – Founding Sponsor

SWCREDA – New 2021 Sponsor

Regarding Sales – New 2021 Sponsor

NNDA – New 2021 Sponsor

Sponsorship Information

If you are interested in sponsoring or need additional information please contact:

Patricia Herzog
Director, Rural Economic and Community Development

Phone: 775-687-9911

On November 5, 2021 the Second Rural Nevada Pitch Day was held both virtually and in person. This year, in addition to the Adult Track, a Youth Track was available to junior and senior high school students in rural Nevada thanks to a sponsorship from Nevada Gold Mines. Everyone who entered did a fantastic job! 

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Adult Track: 

1st place ($2,500, AngelNV Entry, Liz Heiman Sales Strategy Session):

Liz Woolsey
Stargazer Inn and Bristlecone Outfitters

Baker, Nevada

2nd place ($1,500, Founder Doctor Prize from Audacity Institute):
**Audience Choice Award ($250.00)

Billy Sage Williams
Big Timber Industries
Spring Creek, Nevada

3rd place ($1,000):

Taylor Parrish
AOE Greens
Carson City, NV

Youth Track:
*All will receive: Creating a Value Proposition from Liz Heiman (Regarding Sales, LLC)

1st place ($2,500):

Kycin Manzanares
Spring Creek, NV

2nd place ($1,500):

Zander Heit
Sander Professionals
Spring Creek, NV

3rd place ($1,000):

Christina Howell
Howell’s Homemade Cookies
Spring Creek, NV

2020 Winners (November 6, 2020)

1st place and Audience Choice award ($1,150):

New Tech Products, LLC, Bruce Crater,

New Tech Products makes the Tidy Oil Changer. It is a magnetic device that connects to an
oil pan and loosens the screw to change oil, which it directs away from the pan and into a catch basin. It changes a
dirty job into a white glove, mess less job.

2nd place ($500):

Goat Shell, George Skivington,

Goat Shells are hard sided pop-up camper shells that fit over regular and long bed trucks
and come in two sizes. They are priced at much less than the one competitor that exists.

3rd place ($250):

GL Innovation, Gerald Laughter,

GL Innovation makes battery interrupters for large vehicles and mining sites. Future
markets include electric cars and aircraft.

Additional companies participating in competition:

Watec Nevada, Gary Hines, founder, cryogenic desalination of water.

Little Rider Foundation, Joshua Peterson, founder, non-profit dedicated to
helping all kids learn to ride a bike.

*** All cash prizes were provided by NV Energy, additional prizes were provided by StartUpNV and Audacity Institute.

We are very interested in your feedback. Please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts on how can we improve this event for next year.