GOED approves Google and Lithium Nevada Corp. for abatements

September 16, 2020

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Board of Directors today approved abatements for Lithium Nevada Corp. and Google (Design, LLC) that will result in $1.1 billion in investments and the creation of 163 permanent jobs and 5,300 construction jobs.

“These are two good companies that are bringing highly skilled and paid jobs to Nevada – both in the immediate period and for the long term,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “During this downturn in our economy, we are grateful for the major investments that Lithium Nevada Corp., and Google are each making in our state.”

Google plans to invest $600 million in a data center for Google products and services at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) in Storey County that will employ at least 50 people at an average wage of $31.29 per hour. Additionally, GOED estimates this will create more than 2,500 construction jobs. The company expects the facility to be fully operational in 2021. They were approved for a 2 percent sales tax abatement for 20 years that is worth an estimated $16.8 million and a 75 percent personal property tax abatement for 20 years that is worth an estimated $8.25 million.

Governor Sisolak also announced today that Google intends to make an additional $600 million investment in their Henderson Data Center – doubling their original investment and bringing their total Southern Nevada investment to $1.2 billion. When combined with the approval of the Storey County Data Center today, their total proposed investment to the State of Nevada is more than $1.8 billion. Additionally, Google has committed to working with the State to continue investing in our communities and schools.

“This is a very good deal for Nevada,” said Michael Brown, GOED executive director. “In return for the $25 million abatement that Google will receive, the company will make a $427 million impact on the economy over 20 years and generate $94 million in tax revenue over 20 years.

Lithium Nevada Corp. is currently designing and permitting for the chemical manufacturing of high purity lithium chemicals as a byproduct of mineral processing in Thacker Pass in northern Humboldt County. The company will invest $514.3 million in the project, creating 113 jobs at an average wage of $37.84 per hour in the first two years of operation. Additionally, GOED estimates this will create more than 2,800 construction jobs. They received a 2 percent sales tax abatement for two years that is worth $5 million, a 50 percent modified busines tax abatement for four years that is worth $225,614 and a 50 percent personal property tax abatement for 10 years that is worth $3.38 million.

“The lithium project not only builds on one of Nevada’s historic industries, it will also help establish Nevada as a global leader in the lithium-ion battery processing business,” Brown said. “This project creates jobs in rural Nevada and is projected to have a $537 million impact on the state’s economy over the next decade while generating $75 million in new tax revenue.”


About the Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Created during the 2011 session of the Nevada Legislature, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development is the result of a collaborative effort between the Nevada Legislature and the Governor’s Office to restructure economic development in the state. GOED’s role is to promote a robust, diversified and prosperous economy in Nevada, to stimulate business expansion and retention, encourage entrepreneurial enterprise, attract new businesses and facilitate community development. More information on the Governor’s Office of Economic Development can be viewed at diversifynevada.com.


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