GOED Branding

GOED empowers Nevada’s economic prosperity, charting a course toward a more resilient, vibrant and sustainable state economy that benefits all Nevadans. Utilize these assets and guidelines to highlight your contributions to Nevada. Join us in our collaborative mission to elevate a Diverse, Innovative, Sustainable and Resilient Economy.

Our Logo

The logo is the keystone of GOED’s visual identity, it creates coherence and brand recognition across all of GOED’s assets and offices. The brand mark showcases Nevada with an overlapping circular pattern to symbolize connectivity throughout the state. The typography was hand selected to give the logo an overall strong yet professional look and feel. To maintain this consistency, the logo should not be altered or used in any way outside of these guidelines.


GOED brand graphics are used to expand & enhance the identity’s visual toolbox for use on all print and digital platforms. Like all good things, these patterns/textures should be used tastefully and applied with intention.