Language Access Coordinator

John Smith

Email: Phone: 702-555-5555

The Language Access Plan (LAP) & Resources page serves as an outreach effort to improve access to all of the Governor's Office of Economic Development services,  programs, and information for Nevadans with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), pursuant Senate Bill 318, signed into law by Governor Steve Sisolak during the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session. The Governor's Office of Economic Development complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.


  • Senate Bill 222 (SB222) requires all state agencies that interact with or offer programs and services affecting minority groups to designate a Diversity and Inclusion Liaison (DIL) within that agency.
    • Please click here for a list of available Diversity and Inclusion Liaisons (DIL)
  • The mission of The Interagency Working Group on Limited English Proficiency (LEP) is to share resources and information to help expand and improve language assistance services for individuals with limited English proficiency, in compliance with federal law.
  • The Governor’s Office for New Americans (ONA) was created through Senate Bill 538 to promote opportunities for immigrants, refugees and aspiring Americans to thrive in Nevada.

Language Services

  • The Governor's Office of Economic Development periodically provides its staff with cultural competency training to ensure better service to all Nevadans. Our agency has also developed an assessment process that staff must complete before serving as interpreters or translators for LEP individuals. The following employees are available as GOED's Dual-Role Interpreters that can assist in the following languages:
    • Spanish                                                       Jeanette Holguin
    • Serbian, Slovenian, & Japanese            Dijana Mitrovic
    • Polish                                                          Pawel Pietrasienski
    • Croatian                                                     Tatjana Vukovic      
    • German                                                      Karsten Heise
    • *GOED contracts outside vendors for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. Please submit a Request for Interpreter Services at the top of the page.
  • GOED provides "I Speak" cards at both office locations in Carson City and Las Vegas to assist LEP individuals identify what language they use to communicate effectively. They are intended to help an individual point to a language he or she understands.
  • Our office has translated several GOED informational pages and printed materials to the following languages: Spanish, Tagalog, and Chinese which are available on our homepage. 
  • Our agency currently updated our website in order to include a "Select Language" Option on the top main menu bar so any GOED resource is easily accessible by anyone's preferred language.

Outreach Activities 

GOED has partnered with several Nevada Chambers of Commerce (Latin, Asian, etc.) to ensure our services reach across all platforms.

  • To access the Chamber of Commerce Directory please click here.

Monitoring & Improving LAP

Our agency's Language Access Coordinator ("LAC") will monitor implementation of the plan to make sure we are in compliance. The LAC solicits public comment concerning the language access plan developed in order to effectively make recommendations to the Nevada Legislature concerning any statutory changes necessary to implement or improve GOED's language access plan.

US Census Bureau Data for NV

The following data was collected from the United States Census Bureau here.

2020 USCB Snapshot

Language Access Plan

Language Access Services Intake Form

Our agency obtains feedback from the LEP community on the effectiveness of our Language Access Program and services by analyzing the following Language Access Resources - Intake Form responses.