Recovery and Resilience Plan

Nevada’s Plan for Recovery and Resilience lists numerous strategic initiatives to ensure the medium-term prosperity of the state. One of these is the development of ‘Regionally Designed and Industrial Centers’. The report notes that northern Nevada’s gaming, tourism, and hospitality sectors gave way to new industries following the Great Recession and notes the region’s emergence of data centers, logistics and transportation (amongst other industries) as a contributor to this success. The report also notes southern Nevada is at the same fork in the road, faced by northern Nevada 10 years ago and states the region needs accelerated growth in other areas such as health services, logistics and green tech.

Another strategy listed is the ‘integration into Regional and Global Value Chains’. To support this the report points to a need, particularly in southern Nevada, for an investment in infrastructure efforts to support the logistics and advanced manufacturing industries and suggests the establishment of an advanced manufacturing and logistics hub.

The report also states, under the Statewide Integration and Connectivity strategy, that both northern and southern Nevada should establish logistics and manufacturing parks to support the development of competitive manufacturing and logistics industries throughout the state.

The strategy of ‘Technology Driven Development’ states the need for responsible and sustainable growth. Nevada is currently seeing a significant interest from green tech companies such as electric vehicle producers and lithium mining outfits.

GOED continues to incorporate the above, and other recovery strategies, as it works to attract, retain and grow these targeted industry sectors. The state’s list of incentivized companies, particularly in Fiscal Years of 2020 and 2021, demonstrates GOED’s continuing commitment to align with Nevada’s Plan for Recovery and Resilience.