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Incentives and Taxation

Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED)

Tax Abatements for Economic Development - Economic And Fiscal Analysis 2014 - 2019

State and local governments across the United States use several types of tax incentives to encourage private sector firms to create jobs, invest in communities, and strengthen local industries. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development has provided the following fiscal and economic analysis of tax abatement approved for businesses relocating or expanding in Nevada from 2014 through 2019.

The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Upjohn Institute maintains the interactive database - the Panel Database on Incentives and Taxation - which provides comprehensive information on business incentives for economic development provided by state and local governments.

This database offers the various sub-pages, and access to following:

  • The Database page allows users to display or download the parts of the database they are interested in. The PDIT database includes five types of incentives: 1) property tax abatements, 2) customized job-training grants, 3) job-creation tax credits, 4) investment tax credits, and 5) research and development (R&D) tax credits. The database also includes three types of business taxes: 1) property taxes, 2) state corporate income taxes, and 3) state and local sales taxes paid on business inputs. Database provides detailed report for 33 states and  45 industries  that  include 31 "export-base" industries and 14 "non-export-base" industries.
  • The Maps page provides one chart and 10 maps that help summarize some of the main findings, like maps include various rankings of the states by the magnitude of incentives provided. Charts and Maps presents an illustrated narrative of some of the patterns in incentives for different states.
  • The Report page provides links to the report describing the database, and the appendices to that report. This report outlines a new database that contains better information on state and local business taxes and economic development incentives.
  • The Related Research page provides links to research related to PDIT. The includes the slides from a webinar about the report, and a copy of the webinar video.