Emerging Small Business

The Emerging Small Business (ESB) program was created to encourage the development and growth of small businesses in Nevada. The program seeks to assist small businesses in obtaining work with the state and local government agencies through identifying small businesses that want to contract with governments.

Application for Local Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification

An applicant seeking certification as a Local Emerging Small Business in the State of Nevada must submit a complete application to the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Failure of a business to disclose information in the application, or the submission of a materially incomplete application, may be grounds for a delay in the certification of the business or for denial of the certification. Submission of a falsified application may subject the applicant to civil and criminal liabilities.


Submit a completed application to the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development;

  • Be a Local Business;
  • Be in existence, operational and operating for a profit;
  • Maintain its principal place of business in Nevada;
  • Be in compliance with all applicable licensing and registration requirements;
  • Not be a subsidiary or parent company belonging to a group of firms that are owned or controlled by the same persons if, in aggregate, the group of firms does not qualify pursuant to program requirements;
  • Be qualified as either a Tier 1 Local Emerging Small Business or a Tier 2 Local Emerging Small Business.

Any individual, firm or agency who believes that a Nevada Local Emerging Small Business does not satisfy the criteria to be certified may file a complaint with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Please email esbprogram@diversifynevada.com or call (775) 687-9900.

If you have questions about the ESB program, please email esbprogram@diversifynevada.com or call GOED at 775-687-9900 in Carson City or 702-486-2700 in Las Vegas.

  • Emerging Small Business Program - One-Sheet Flyer
  • Adopted Regulations ESB Program
  • AB294 Legislation
  • NRS 231

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