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Manufacturing Industry and Workforce Overview

Logistics Industry and Workforce Overview

Centrally located in the western market, Nevada is ideal for manufacturing and distribution operations. Nevada’s location within the western U.S. provides an unparalleled market reach that gives manufacturing and distribution companies a competitive advantage.

Nevada is less than one day’s drive to more than 40 million consumers and five major U.S. ports serving the Pacific Rim. Northern Nevada is at the center of the western region, with 11 states and 53 million people only one day’s drive away. Southern Nevada is just hours away from the Southern California markets and within two-day delivery of nearly every state west of the Mississippi River.

Our unparalleled transportation infrastructure Pop. 1,140,500 and market reach, combined with our zero inventory tax, are why top brands such as Pololu Robotics & Electronics, Tyco, Trex, James Hardie and Chevron Pipe chose to locate their manufacturing operations in Nevada.

In Southern Nevada, Las Vegas offers a robust highway transportation network, with easy access to three major corridors (Interstate 15, U.S. Highway 95, and U.S. Highway 93). The McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas serves more than 40 million customers every year, and handles 600,000 pounds of arriving/departing cargo each day. More importantly, the airport offers nonstop flights to and from nearly every major metropolis in the United States as well as several in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Northern Nevada is served by two major highways and several railroads, as well as trucking and airline carriers that make distribution to the western market efficient and cost effective. Reno-Tahoe International Airport receives more than 114 million pounds of cargo annually. Approximately 310,000 pounds of cargo arrives or departs daily through the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

Nevada has more than 7,500 acres of flexible, available Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs). Nevada’s FTZs offer a great advantage to companies when it comes to duty fees, taxes and international shipping costs. Companies can use FTZs for both warehousing and distribution operations. Companies can also use an FTZ for manufacturing operations with specific authorization by the U.S. FTZ Board.

For companies that are looking to relocate or expand their manufacturing operations, Nevada has affordable, industrial-scale real estate available. With major industrial parks already developed, and prime land available and zoned for industrial use, companies are able to easily find a facility or work with one of our many industrial developers to construct a build-to-suit facility that fits their unique needs. Additionally, Nevada has very competitive utility rates for commercial operations.