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Industry and Workforce Overview

Industry and Workforce Overview 

Our population is growing faster than any other state in the nation in order to meet the demands of a dynamic private sector. Our major urban centers are taking on new international identities.

Nevada is rapidly evolving into a center for tech innovation and advanced manufacturing.
Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Nevada for the groundbreaking of the company’s Downtown Reno facility and to announce another $1.6 billion investment.

At the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, you’ll see global names including Tesla and Gigafactory One, which will be the largest building on the planet; Switch, which is building the world’s largest datacenter campus; and other great companies like eBay, Walmart, Zulily, Fulcrum Biofuels and FedEx.

Recently Google, and Blockchains LLC both made significant investments in the region, and we’re looking forward to seeing their visions come to life.

Las Vegas and southern Nevada are also experiencing rapid growth and a changing, more diversified economy.

We now host companies like Virgin Hyperloop One, which continue to develop technology that will revolutionize transportation as we know it. We’ve adopted the friendliest autonomous vehicle laws and regulations in the nation; and now more and more self-driving vehicles and shuttles are traversing our streets each day, including start-of-the-art autonomous rideshare brought to you by Aptiv and Lyft.

We’re seeing our small state take its place as a national leader. Job creation, fiscal sustainability, business start-ups, and wage growth have all seen measurable improvements in the past few years. Nevada has emerged as one of the most competitive technology business destinations in the world.