The Office of Entrepreneurship creates a common platform to highlight new and small business activities in support of statewide economic growth. Started in October 2023 according to AB77 legislation, it is designed to expressly “strengthen policies and programs supporting the growth of entrepreneurship” and determine “regional challenges to entrepreneurship”. By elevating entrepreneurial opportunities, and reducing barriers to business growth, all Nevadans can realize the right to start their own business in fulfillment of the American dream. As stated by Governor Lombardo, “Nevada is ready to partner”, for your business success.

The office is a forum for both individuals and organizations to be counted and have their voices heard. Through a coordinated approach, we can ensure the necessary infrastructure and streamlined business processes are available for profitable Nevada operations. A combined effort will create and sustain high quality jobs in a vibrant and innovative economy. Bringing the real story to bear, visible metrics will demonstrate areas of economic strength and opportunity, as well as areas of need where both organizations and individuals can benefit from greater attention. Together, we can support entrepreneurs and their communities to generate recommendations for greater statewide productivity and success.

We want to hear from you – whether you are an aspiring or established business owner, or a support organization for such entrepreneurs, please take the time to share your perspective. By recording your needs, we can elevate your concerns and celebrate your successes. Offering your demographic details (voluntary) also helps us understand the broader needs of your community. We look forward to supporting your prosperity, and Nevada’s growth.

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Nevada Entrepreneurship Questionnaire

Please fill out the below questionnaire, designed to gather valuable insights into the entrepreneurial landscape of the Silver State. Whether you're a seasoned business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or someone interested in the dynamic world of start-ups, your participation in this questionnaire will allow our office to better understand and support Nevada's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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