Federal and State Reopening Guidance

Business owners and leaders are restarting their operations and those non-essential employees are slowly returning to work. This process is taking place gradually and non-uniformly as a state-by-state process depending on regional differences and health condition due to COVID-19.


Opening Up America Again - Guidelines Ι White House issued guideline for opening America - a three-phased approach to assist and guide state and local officials when reopening their economies.

CDC - Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting (Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes) Ι Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) issued general guidance intended for all  - business, communities, schools, and residents to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all.


NEVADA UNITED: Roadmap to Recovery Ι This road map was designed to build a path forward and safely restart Nevada’s economy and outlines a coordinated, state-specific plan to address the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. 

Roadmap to Recovery – Phase 2 Reopening (May 29,2020) Ι The Phase Two of Recovery will begin on May 29, 2020 and this link provides guidance, for  businesses as well individuals.

Roadmap to Recovery – Phase 1 Reopening (May 9,2020) Ι The Phase One of Recovery and this document provides guidance, protocols and best practices for  businesses as well individuals:

♦ Phase One Reopening: GENERAL GUIDANCE 

In General Guidance document you can learn about all guidance and procedures recommended for business and individuals. Some main highlights are listed below:

• Businesses should encourage customers to wear face coverings.

• Continue to encourage teleworking whenever possible and feasible.

• If possible, have employees return to work in phases.

• Close common areas where personnel are likely to congregate and interact, or enforce strict social distancing protocols.

• Follow guidance from the Nevada Labor Commissioner regarding sick leave policies.

• Frequently perform environmental cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.


In Industry Specific Guidance document you can learn about all guidance and procedures recommended for those business and industries that are opening their operations in this Phase One. Industry information are listed below:

General Office Environments

Banking and Financial Services

Real Estate

Retail and Showrooms

Beauty Services and Salons

Food Establishments and Drive-In Operations

Transportation, Currier and Warehousing



There are many other examples of guidance plans and procedures that could help and to certain specific industries and provide some ideas on how to prepare your business and workforce for reopening and recovery process:


SCATS COVID-19 Resource Page: VIDEOS

Below you find links to various videos (Tips on Social Distancing and PPE, Tips on Signage for Customers, etc.) that may be useful in your workplace regarding this ever changing and evolving topic.



To track the differences across each state and provide the latest guidance and information to America’s employers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce have launched the interactive state map and state guides. Click on Map blow to select different State and learn about their reopening phases and guidance information.


Individual counties and local governments and cities might have addition restrictions and guidelines from the overall state. It is good to check your city or county's official government website to see if there are specific guidelines, but also state or local chambers are a tremendous resource to help businesses and individuals. 

To access the list of different Nevada local government and Chambers of Commerce links and resources go to:

Nevada Local Government and Chambers of Commerce