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In this process of reopening, many business are trying to continue with their main operations, but some are trying to re-purpose their functions, their products and services. In this process of reopening and re-purposing, businesses will look for available and trained workforce.

But the most important thing is to provide safe and secure working environment. 



To create safe environment businesses will have to develop policies and procedures for workplace, and also process for prompt identification and potential isolation of sick people if appropriate.

U.S. Chamber developed STANDARDIZED EMPLOYEE SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE. This questionnaire could be used to check employees upon return to work and on a regular basis moving forward to insure safety and tracking procedure.


Workplace Guidance for Specific Occupations:

CDC developed guidelines and some general practices for workers and certain occupation when performing their work tasks. These are applicable to airline industry, manufacturing workers, including meat and poultry processors, delivery workers including mail and package deliver workers, truck drivers, and other workers. To learn more go to: Health and Safety Steps for Specific Occupations.

To provide assistance to Nevada employers with workplace safety and health issues, the State of Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS) offers safety and health consultation services and employee training. SCATS is now offering free online training classes for a number of important safety and health training courses. Please visit course calendar to sign up. 



Many businesses are re-opening their operations, and some are re-purposing their functions.

For employers looking to recruit  job applicants and have access to Virtual Recruiter or post current job openings online please go to

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