Reopening Assistance and Resource

Ready to Reopen

Many different organizations and entities are working together on putting resources and information to help companies and businesses to stay afloat, keep their workers, and support their families.

Ready to Reopen: A Playbook for Your Small Business  Ι U.S.Chamber of Commerce Ι A guide to helping businesses of all types and in all regions navigate the complex process of reopening and evolving post-coronavirus pandemic.

Prepare to Reopen Ι Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Ι Is a document that recommend businesses to develop a plan and offer a tips that can be applied for reopening.

To reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19,  when employers are making (re)opening decisions during the pandemic, they need to have certain health and safety recommendations in place. Cleaning and disinfection, face coverings and gloves are all important part of reopening business operations, as well as social distancing measures, including implementation of certain technology advancements and IT tools (like touches POS systems, etc.) in day-to-day business operations.

Nevada SBDC developed list of vendors in Nevada and other resources offering these items (gloves, face masks, sanitizers, IT equipment, etc.):

⇒  Re-opening Procurement List for Nevada Small Businesses  ⇐  


Stay Safe, Stay Open Face Covering Distribution:

As Nevada moves into Phase Two of our Roadmap to Recovery, the widespread use of face coverings will have a significant impact on health outcomes and the safe opening of our economy.

Nevada COVID-19 Task Force will distribute the FREE Stay Safe, Stay Open face coverings to the small business community.

The distribution points for pick up are:

  • In Southern Nevada at The Vegas Chamber - the following link takes you directly to the request for FREE FACE COVERINGS. Small businesses can also request free Stay Safe, Stay Open Posters.
  • In Northern Nevada Nevada SBDC staff are distributing face coverings to small businesses (less than 10 employees). They are also distributing to other small businesses that make the request, as well as partners in northern and rural Nevada.

Business owners interested in receiving masks can call Winnie Dowling at 800-240-7094, 775-327-2334 or email at