Public Information Requests

The Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development is committed to providing access to public records in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 239. Before submitting a request, please check the GOED website as certain records and data maintained by the office are available online for public viewing and/or downloading free of charges.

Records Request

Fee Schedule

Pursuant to NRS 239.052, GOED may charge a fee for providing a copy of a public record. Any such fee will not exceed GOED’s actual costs related to providing the record, unless a specific statute or regulation requires otherwise. Pursuant to NRS 239.055, public records requests that require extraordinary use of resources – greater than one hour of staff or technology time – may be charged a fee not to exceed 50 cents per page for such extraordinary use, in addition to any other authorized fee. Records requests that may require extraordinary use of personnel or resource must be made in writing. Upon receiving such a request, GOED will inform the requester, in writing, of the estimated amount of the fee before preparing the requested information. All fees are due and payable before processing of the records will begin. If final costs are less than estimated, the difference will be refunded as soon as possible. If final costs are greater than estimated, the requestor will be notified in writing and the remaining balance shall be due immediately. Payment may be made by check or money order to: Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Fees for staff time are in addition to fees for copying. GOED will waive any accumulated costs for copies, up to $25. No fees will be assessed for inspection of existing records unless staff time to retrieve or otherwise process the records exceeds one hour.



First Hour of Staff Time No Charge
Additional Hour(s) of Staff Time (15 minute intervals) Average hourly wage of staff processing the request (not to exceed $0.50/page)
Black & White Copies (8.5” x 11”) $0.05/page
CD or USB Flash Drive $5.00 each
Agendas No Charge
Audio Copy No Charge
Postage Requestor responsible for estimated postage
Notary Public – first signature of each signer $5.00
Notary Public – each additional signature1 $2.50